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Sacred Energetic Clearing & Chakra Balancing is one of our premiere “Signature Services” at Body of Spirit. 

This deeply powerful process facilitates releasing of energetic cords and binding, so that the person may use their sacred energies for their own desires of manifestation and healing, instead of being bound in the past.  Many things previously thought of as nearly impossible to heal or forgive, can be released and set free in this shamanic session. 

Each session is scheduled for 75 minutes and is quite unique to the individual, as our bodies hold energetic patterns differently.  If you have been referred to us by a friend that loves you, or you’ve been guided to read this, please call and make an appointment. 

If in working together, we discover that there isn’t any need for working at this level at the current time, we can proceed with one of our many other services – and you can still get a great Hot Stone Massage! 

Please see the testimonials as an indication of how respectfully and confidentially we hold space for your healing.

Sacred Energetic Clearing & Chakra Balancing
90 Minutes  ·  $100

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