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One of the most commonly known shamanic practices is the Power Animal Retrieval.  As a shamanic practitioner, my own helping spirits will most often guide me to do a power animal retrieval for my clients.  Basically, it is about restoring power to the person who is suffering from power loss, thereby affecting change that allows for healing.  Some of the symptoms of power loss include: 

  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Loss of Vitality
  • Chronic Illness
  • Misfortune
  • Accidents
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Apathy
  • Fear
  • Depression
  • Loss of Creativity & Enthusiasm for Life
 A spiritual power animal that is retrieved and met in non-ordinary reality (the realm of spirit) constitutes a spiritual awakening that can bring strength, healing, insight and guidance, protection and power to the individual on all levels by the forming of a special bond or alliance.  These spirits often perform healings and their representative form is generally indicative of specialized qualities that they offer to the individual as well.  This relationship is personal and intimate and can be strengthened by honoring that animal spirit in ordinary reality, as well as when in an altered state such as during journeys and meditations.  Offering yourself in forms of body movement, such as dance that allows the power animal spirit to move “their body” in physical form is beneficial and rewarding for both. 

It is widely accepted that we are all born with compassionate spirit allies (similar to the concept of a guardian angel) and that once the relationship with these spirit helpers has been “lost”, forgotten or set aside (as often happens as we transition from childhood), it is necessary to have another person – traditionally a shaman, retrieve the power animal for you.  These spirit helpers have been with us always, but if we are unable to perceive them any longer, it only makes sense that it is easier for another objective person to be able to access them on our behalf.  Due to the natural laws of free will, the compassionate helping spirits are unable to force their will upon us, even in order to help us, and simply have to wait until we seek them out.  Once this relationship has been restored, most individuals experience a deep heart opening and understanding of the gentle forces that have always been present in their life.  As the energy of the power animal spirit is rejoined with the energy field of the individual, and the ensuing integration of body, mind and spirit takes place, there is often an experience of deep peace and joy, as well as increased vitality and general health.   

Although we may work with many spirit helpers that bring varying gifts and qualities – and may come and go throughout our lifetime, these particular spirit helpers stay with us for the duration, so long as we honor and respect the relationship.  Everyone can benefit from the gifts of a Power Animal Retrieval, even if you are not currently suffering from the specific effects of power loss.  

Power Animal Retrieval
90 Minutes    $175 


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