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Offered With Our Deepest Gratitude...

When I left Tommy’s office that first day, my body was literally vibrating with energy. I had gone to him as a birthday present to myself after seeing the transformation of my friend, whose shining eyes and glowing skin were the only testimonial I needed. Tommy made me feel immediately at ease and by midway through the session I found myself letting go of emotional afflictions so deep rooted I had almost forgotten they were there. Tommy used all his great intuitive gifts and highly developed skills in massage, reiki and shamanism to unlock the powerful energy of my natural being. Since then I have been back to see him often; each time is an amazing experience and each time I leave with new energy, insight and a heart full of gratitude.
Mary Priester
September 8, 2011

Leslie and Tommy Harris are two of the most gifted healers and body workers that I have had the pleasure of experiencing. I have worked with Tommy in his capacity of a master of sound healing, massage, shamanic healing and Leslie in massage, shamanic energies, and Raindrop treatments. I have worked with both together in receiving massage and also aryuvedic cleanse. Words fail to convey their high level of skill. Whether you see either or both of them, you will receive the highest and greatest of loving, healing energy.
Janine Bertram, President
Disability Rights Center
Zig Zag, Oregon

My life experience has been greatly enriched by Tommy and Leslie. They specialize in assisting people to know themselves better, and in overcoming self imposed obstacles. I have had numerous massages from Tommy. I have had an astrology session with Leslie. I was truly blessed to be attuned to Reiki levels 1 and 2 with the assistance of Tommy and Leslie together. And most recently they helped me to retrieve my power animal. Tommy and Leslie are beautiful people who will help you to realize that you are beautiful too! Treat yourself to an appointment. You deserve it!

Sandi Smith




"Leslie and Tommy Harris provide an extraordinary experience with their body of spirit massage. I find them delightfully transformative and healing! They are original, creative, spirited, and lovingly on target!"
Bradford Keeney, Ph.D.
Professor, California Institute of Integral Studies
Author of Bushman Shaman, Shaking Medicine, and The Creative Therapist

There are no words to fully express the gratitude I have for the profound and deeply gifted healing work I have been blessed to experience with Tommy and Leslie. Through touch, sounds, smells, and divine guidance found in Tommy and Leslie's gifted work, I have found renewal...being reborn after each session; body, mind, and spirit. There are no classes, no books that can teach this type of gifted healing work Tommy and Leslie are blessed to offer. I have recommended them to all my friends and family! I encourage anyone who is seeking something go to Body of Spirit and experience something life changing!
I love you both!!!
Teresa M A Buckalew, LCSW

Whether you are going to see Tommy for a Massage or Leslie for a Reading, you will always be welcomed by both with big open arms! Each time I have gone to see Tommy, I am permanently healed. He has found deep-rooted trauma I didn't even realize I was hanging on to, and he helped me let go and move on.  I am spiritually, emotionally and physically a better person after I get a "Tommy-Massage" as my family calls it.

Aurora Singleton


Where to begin!?  Tommy is magic. A true, yet reluctant, healer who has been all over the map that has shown up for his calling. Intuitive, free spirited, broadly researched. Without knowing much, he was able to identify, zero in, and release deep blockages and ancient family patterns. He is gifted. He was correct. My only regret is that he is so far away. As someone who has had a lot of healing work and healers for 25+ years, Tommy stands out as an exceptionally intimate body worker who is not afraid. He may give you a new mantra, he may drum, he may burn away layers of pain, karmic or otherworldly. Do not expect regular massage, you are in for a treat. The first time I heard him working on someone else (rattling, laughter, tubular blowing sounds, I knew he was a serious healer and that I only need visit him if I was ready to do some deeper spiritual work. He can pull things out of the body stuck for years. His intuition was bang on without ever having met me before. He's the real deal. I'll bet people drive miles to see him (at least 2 days by car for me). Most of the people at our nearby workshop were international clientele and experienced healers in their own right. Many of these people indulged in multiple sessions whenever possible. Just don’t expect Tommy to stick to the ordinary world clock :-) - the work he is doing is way more important… Favourite thing; a hearty belly laugh from the joy of the adventures.
Tamara Litke
Foundation for Shamanic Studies
3 year program participant

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